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Michael Ivanov
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Jeanine R.

"...He was there from start to finish throughout the process of my loan. I was mostly impressed with the experience and knowledge he provided and will definitely recommend anyone I know who will require his expertise."

Jigar D.

"Michael actually set me up with the best interest rate possible and I paid almost nothing when it came to closing. Communication was there, professionalism was there and they were very considerate to what I was capable of handling..."

John P.

"4 weeks from pre-approval to close on our house. 3 weeks from bid to close... This is almost unheard of. Amazing professionalism, answered every question we had. An amazing experience for my fist home buy."

Rosa M.

"Michael is the best. He's amazing to work with, everything you need to know he knows how to explain it very well. He goes far and beyond for you and makes the process very easy. 😊 thank you again Michael"

Kurtis K.

"He was able to close these deals quickly due to his on-point, assistant and consistent, lightning fast response to email, text and phone calls. I will continue to recommend Michael, his team and SNM to all of my Union brothers and sisters..."

Gina L.

"...He is down to earth and makes you feel like you are just hanging with a friend. I love how he is the perfect amount of laid back but professional at the same time. He is amazing at getting back to us with any questions we have..."

Natalie R.

"Michael is Amazing! This would be the second home that Michael has helped me with a loan. He did a great job! Thank you Michael!"

Ryan T.

"Michael is one of the hardest working Loan Officers in the industry. Michael displays extraordinary professionalism throughout the transaction. His ability to just "get the job done" is what makes him a premier Loan Officer in our fast paced market..."

Taylor B.

"Mr. Ivanov made my home buying process quick and easy. As a first time home owner, he explained everything and made it simple to understand. He answered any and all questions regarding the process and any concerns I had..."

Yevgeniy K.

"...I didn't think I could get even get a loan at the time but I trusted him and he got it done. I don't know how he did it but all I can say is that he really knows his stuff. I will definitely come back to him and get another loan for my future investment properties."

Katya C.

"...We had only positive experience with Michael, though our road was bumpy, but Michael supported us and did everything possible and impossible to assist us with mortgage approval with less costs and in short time..."

Arnold and Ryoka A.

"...And most importantly, he was there at our signing and reminded me of everything we discussed and what each percentage and fee was. Because he is so knowledgeable, I felt like I was knowledgeable as well!..."

Valeri and Inna G.

"Michael is very professional, I highly recommended him. From start to finish it was a very pleasant experience. I will continue to refer him to all my colleagues and friends."

Ariel P.

"...He was on top of every question I had and if I called him and miss my phone call cause he was in a meeting or he was on the phone with someone else I would still get phone call from him the same day..."

Don M.

"...He goes to work early and replies back immediately after hours. I only had to drive out to his office once to complete my loan, as he his very thorough with the final paperwork, so no need to worry that he forgot anything that requires your time..."

Adam W.

"Michael Ivanov is the most professional and knowledgeable loan officer I've personally worked with. He helped me get my home and made everything as simple as possible for me, the customer. I can't say enough about this guy! Give him a call today!"

Arkady Z.

"...He is great: very professional, very knowledgeable, quick thinker, always trying to find the best way to help you financing your needs. My wife and myself are very grateful to Michael and certainly will call him for any future financial service."

Miguel & Cindy Z.

"...Really willing to work with you, answer any questions, literally at anytime, and really makes sure you know what you are getting yourself into. He doesn't use fancy words to impress you, and is down to earth and best off all you don't have to chase after him to thing to get done."

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